Robert Airey Mackintosh

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Robert Airey
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16 years, 1 month and 15 days
Third son of James Mackintosh of Lamancha
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In memory of Robert Airey Mackintosh, Aged 16 years, 1 month and 15 days, Third son of James Mackintosh of Lamancha, Peebleshire, N.B.
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La Mancha [An estate in Scotland]
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Peebleshire, Banffshire
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Box tomb
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Third son of James Mackintosh of Lamancha [55.757006N, 3.277107W], Peeblesshire (Lamancha is a vast country house in Peeblesshire, Scotland),N.B. James mackintosh was a builder/architect in Calcutta. James Mackintosh possibly established the famous Mackintosh Burn & Company in 1834. Shortly after retiring from this firm, he set up the Mackintosh & Burn Co. with James Mackintosh Jr. and William Mackintosh. Ellen Louisa was his second wife, by whom he had at least one daughter- Helen.

His descendants emigrated to Australia and one of them provides the following details about the family: 'His son Robert married 3 times - Sarah Airey, Margaret Hastie, Mary Ann Burn and emigrated to Australia. Also owned tea plantations in India. His sister was Elspeth who died 16.5.1846 in Calcutta. Hope to find out more about him.' ( Here is a different account:

The connection with the Burn family can be deduced for the court case between Mary Ann Burn and James Mackintosh's four children (See The Scots Revised Reports for the minutes of the court case in House of Lords, Mary Ann Burn was the third wife of James Mackintosh.

William Chambers write in his History of Peeblesshire that 'James Mackintosh the new Laird of La Mancha is a native of Banffshire in early life he went to India and by extraordinary diligence professional skill and economy realised a considerable fortune Retaining a connection with certain large business concerns in Calcutta he had returned to Scotland and while still in middle life was able to bring his ingenuity to bear on the dormant resources of La Mancha where he and his family now took up their abode Mr Mackintosh commenced his operations by sinking coal pits building lime kilns and erecting brick and tile works which judiciously carried out have been all successful and of much service to the neighbourhood He also effected numerous improvements on the mansion which he widened nearly the whole length and adapted to modern tastes Alterations were also made on the garden and pleasure grounds and large extensions have taken place in the farm buildings.' It seems that James also gave his land for the building of LaMancha school in 1832. The school closed after 152 years of service in 1984 and has now been replaced by the LaMancha Hub (

Sarah Airey Mackintosh, the first wife of James Mackintosh and the mother of Robert Airey Mackintosh is also buried in this cemetery. (see

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Son of James Mackintosh of Lamancha - possibly the founder of Mackintosh and Burn Co. and wealthy landowner of Scotland.
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