Mary Anne Templar

Last Name: 
First Name: 
Mary Anne
Grave Plot No.: 
1 087
Date of birth: 
year of death: 
date of death: 
16 May 1844
Age at death: 
42 yrs 10 mths
Wife of E. Templar (Firm of Hughes and Templar)
Full Epitaph: 
Sacred to the memory of Mrs Mary Ann Templer Who departed this life May the 16th In the year of our Lord 1844 Aged 42 years Holmes & Co. Sct 39, Cossitollah
Tomb architecture: 
Pedestal tomb.
Detailed information: 

Messrs. Hughes and Templar were important veterinary surgeons in Calcutta in the middle of the 1800s. With the introduction of Hemp, it was hoped that a remedy had been discovered finally for Tetanus among horses. Among those who first reported success around 1854 was the firm of Hughes and Templar. They recorded a sixty-percent success-rate.

Tomb built by: 
Holmes & Co. Scts. 39, Cossitollah
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