George Vint

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Sacred to the Memory of Captain Vint, for many years a resident of Calcutta, who died 14th April 1846, aged 69 years.
Captain and Surveyor
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Captain, Marine Surveyor.
George Vint’s parents were Jemima T. Vint (d. 12 July 1816, aged 40 years) and John Eaton (d. 24 July 1835, aged 62 years).
On January 8, 1840 George Vint’s name was suggested by Mr. David Hare and seconded by Mr. A.C. Dunlop for the elections of the Agricultural and Horticultural Society of India.
He served as Foreman of the Jury in its fourth session on 3 December 1835 on cases of rape, manslaughter, and several of robberies.
Served as Jury Member “at the Supreme Court house to enquire into the lunacy of Baboo Sreenauth Sandail, a supposed lunatic”, on 3 May, 1838. He wrote, "Sir,—I have the pleasure to inclose the sum of 262 rupees, being the jury allowance in a case of lunacy of the 3d instant, which my brother jurymen requested me to forward to you as their foreman, to be distributed amongst the unfortunate sufferers in Chingry Guttas village, & c.
I remain, your most obediently, George Vint. May 5, 1838"

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