William Pearce Brooks

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William Pearce
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1 yr 4 mths
Son of John and Selina Brooks
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Cuttack; Calcutta; Tribeni; Ganga Saugor
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Excerpt from the Annual Meeting of the General Baptist Society (see http://tinyurl.com/okjvzcq)

'At Calcutta the Rev John Brooks was our missionary and Bickarree a native evangelist was his assistant The entire expense of this important station was defrayed by the munificence of a private gentleman residing in that city The Orea population of Calcutta is from twenty five to thirty thousand During the past year Mr Brooks had visited a festival at some distance and had distributed a great number of tracts to the deluded Hindoos and had the pleasure to observe that these books were carefully kept and perused The visitors were seen as they returned in their boats quietly reading the books they had received at the festival Four persons have applied for baptism at this station Mr Brooks remarks that there is not a more promising station in Orissa He also makes painful reference to Ghaut murders and other atrocities.'

John Brooks refers to the death of William Pearce Brooks in his letter to his parents( see http://tinyurl.com/ndz367g) where he also mentions his missionary work among the Oriya community in Calcutta. There are also references to visits to Tribeni and Ganga Saugor

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His father was a missionary to the Oriya population in Calcutta
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J.Boaz, Dissenting Minister
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