William Cameron

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William Hopkins
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Surgeon and apothecary to the Hon'ble East India Company
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The Edinburgh Medical and Surgical Journal Vol. 44 (see http://tinyurl.com/q8th3le) records William Cameron making a detailed report about the process and problems of vaccination in Calcutta. He mentions the corruption of the Tekhadars or Indian vaccination officers but also makes the case that wherever vaccination methods have been followed perfectly, there has been no prevalence of smallpox. The article is dated 1831. Cameron's report states the need for encouraging the Indian population to learn how to vaccinate themselves.

Also see Asiatic Journal and Monthly Miscellany Vol. 8 for a note on Cameron's survey of vaccination in India during his tenure as surgeon (http://tinyurl.com/oye9s73).

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Proponent of localised small pox vaccination. Survey of vaccination in India
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James Charles, Snr.Minister, St.Andrew's Church
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