Radanath[Radhanath] Dass[Doss]

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Dass [Doss}
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Radanath [Radhanath]
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date of death: 
2nd April, 1844
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In Memory of Radanath Doss, a Native Convert and Missionary in connexion with the London Missionary Society, died 2d April 1844, aged 29 years.
Missionary at the London Missionary Society
Place of birth / origin: 
Khidderpore, Calcutta
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Small Pox
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Radanath Dass was born in the family of a poor blacksmith in Khidderpore, Calcutta. In 1826 Radanath was admitted in a Bengali school run by the London Missionary Society. At the school Radanath came under the influence of Rev. C. Piffard, who later baptised Radanath in 1832. Radanath was initially appointed as superintendent of the schools belonging to the Society in Khidderpore. Radanath was also employed in instructing Christianity to the local people. In 1837, Radanath moved along with Rev. Lacroix to Bhawanipore (now a neighbourhood in South Calcutta) where he preached at local chapel. Radanath composed a few Christian tracts in Bengali, among which Bhram-Nasak or destroyer darkness was published by the Tract Society. Radanath also wrote a memoir in Bengali, on his mentor, Rev. Piffard. In 1844, Calcutta and its neighbourhood witnessed an outbreak of small-pox and Radanath passed away as a result of nursing of affected small-pox patients in Bhawanipore.
A commemorative plaque to his name (in both English and Bengali) can be found at the Dhurromtollah Union Chapel at Calcutta.

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Early Bengali Missionary, composed tracts in Bengali
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