William Taylor

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35 yrs 11 mths
Married to Amelia Taylor, second daughter of Francis Inglis, Esqr.
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William Taylor, Esq of Aberdeen who departed this life on the 2nd April 1846 aged 35 years and 11 months and his wife Amelia Taylor second daughter of the late Francis Inglis, Esqr Honourable Company’s civil Service Fort Marlborough Establishment who departed this life on the 11th May 1851 P. Lindeman & Sons., Sculptts.
Ship builder
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Aberdeen (57°09′09″N 2°06′36″W)
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Fort Marlborough (3.7871° S, 102.2518° E)
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William Taylor, Esq. got married to Amelia, second daughter of the late Francis Inglis, Esq., on 15 June 1844. William Taylor was based in Howrah, 24 Parganas. P. Homfray served as proctor after his death.

Francis Inglis (1772-1814) had been appointed as accountant and cashier at the Establishment in 1790. The Fort Marlborough, located in Bengkulu City, Sumatra, was built in the early 1700s by the East India Company, under Joseph Collett. It was transferred to Dutch control by the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1824. Francis Inglis’s youngest son, Charles Hugh Inglis, Esq. (1811-1830), is buried in the South Park Street Cemetery. William Taylor’s wife, along with other siblings, placed the monument as a tribute to him. Another son of the same is buried in the South Park Street Cemetery. His name is also Francis Inglis, Esq. (1798-1826), who died “with his family by the wreck off the Sand-heads of the ship in which they were coming to Calcutta, on the 17th June 1826.” The eldest of the siblings, Caroline Rodrigues (1796-1829) too is buried there too. Three of his children, Amelia, Frances, and William were christened on the same day, 13 May, in 1814. [See Amela Taylor]

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P. Lindeman & Sons., Sculptts.
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James Charles, Snr.Minister, St.Andrew's Church
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