Margaret Rabeholm

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84 years
Widow. Mother of Conrad Christopher Rabeholm, (?) assistant to the salt agent of the 24 parganas.
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"To the memory of Mr. C.C. Rabeholm PAT Officer and superintendent of the Salt chowkies who departed this life on the 7th December 1840 aged 36 years and 2 months. “A guilty and helpless soul, on thy kind arms I fall.” --- In memory of Mrs. Margaret Rabeholm Also Francis Ruff and his wife Anne."
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Broken mausoleum
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"Conrad Christopher Rabeholm married Sarah Ruff at the St. John's Cathedral, in Calcutta on the 14th of July 1827. They thereafter became parents, of a daughter, on 6th September 1832.Sarah passed away on 17th April 1838, at the age of 27, soon after which on May the 30th, 1839, C.C. Rabeholm married Louisa Duchosoin at the St. John's Cathedral in Kolkata. Post C.C. Rabeholm's death on 7th December 1840, his belongings went to Louisa Duchosoin and some other person by the name of Lewis Mendes.

Francis Ruff was in the Bengal artillery. He married Anna Jones on 8th December 1805, at the church of Fort William, in Calcutta in a ceremony conducted by Paul Lemrich (?). Edward Ogdam, Charles Sharp and Elizabeth White signed in as witnesses. Sarah Ruff was the daughter of Francis and Anna (Jones) Ruff."

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J. Thomas, Baptist Minister.
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