John Robeson

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1789 (sic)
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date of death: 
13. 08. 1836
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47 years
He was the eldest son of Donald Robeson. He married Elizabeth Manson, daughter of William Manson and cousin of John Sutherland, Q.V.M., at Calcutta on 8th August 1814. His only daughter Isabella Anna, married Lieutenant C.J.H. Perreau, of the 58th Native Infantry, in Calcutta on the 5th of September 1837.
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"To the Memory of Mr. JOHN ROBESON Merchant of Calcutta formerly a Captain in the 24th Regiment of the Bengal Native Infantry Who departed this life on the 13th July 1836 Aged 47 Years"
Merchant & formerly Captain of the 24th. Regiment Bengal N.I.. He was promoted to the position of a Captain, from Lieutenant, of the 8th regiment of the Native Infantry, on December 8th 1822. Subsequently, he joined the firm of Robeson & co. in Calcutta.
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Chest tomb
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Left a sum of 14,000 to Charles James Hanlon Perreau, his son-in-law, in his will. Robeson became a cadet in the army in 1805. He arrived in India on 20 July 1807. Thereafter he became an Ensign on 9 July 1807 following which he became a Lieutenant on 8 July 1812. He was promoted to the post of a Captain on 8 April 1823. He resigned two years later on 1st Aug 1825. Subsequently he joined the firm of Robertson and Co. in Calcutta and afterwards moved to Fatehgarh.
During his time in the army he Serviced at Barasat (Posted Ensign to 8th NI in 1808), Nepal War 1814-15; Lieut 1/8th NI in 4th Div. Adjt. Benares Provl. Bn. 2 Jan 1816 till 1822; transferred to 24th NI (late 2/8th) May 1824. First Burma War; Arakan 1825; Capt 1st Gren Bn.

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