Agnes Dunmore

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09 Jan 1837
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Fourth daughter of Colonel George Callander (of Craigforth, Sterling, Scotland) and Elizabeth Crompton Callander. Sister of Elizabeth Ann Vincent, James Henry Callander (of Craigforth and Ardkinlas), John Alexander Callander, Alicia Christian Callander, Mary Henrietta Callander, Caroline Frances Napier, Margaret Callander and Georgiana Callander. Niece of the Earl of Buchan. Wife of Colonel William Robert Dunmore (1807-85) of the 31st Regiment. Her daughter was named Agnes Elizabeth.
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Agnes Niece of the Earl of Buchan And Wife of Lieutenant Dunmore 51st Regt N.I. 9th January 1857 26 years
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Craigforth, Stirling, Scotland
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Chest Tomb
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Agnes was the niece of the Earl of Buchan, Henry Erksine (See,_12th_Earl_of_Buchan) and the wife of Lt. Dunmore. She had a daughter, Agnes Elizabeth, born on 31.12.1830.

William Robert Dunmore was the Colonel of 60th N.I. He was born in London on 23.08.1807. he became Cadet in 1825, arrived in India on 04.09.1826, ensign 15.04.1826, lieutenant 14.05.1832, Captain 03.04.1844, Major 27.07.1851 and Lt. Col. 28.11.1856. Retired 03.08.1859. Became Hon. Col. 03.08.1859and died on 12.09.1885. Nephew of Thomas Dunmore, Comy. Gen. to H.M. Forces. Married (Dormore, co. Down) Agnes Callander on 14.02.1836. His services are as follows: Posted as Ensign to 35th N.I. 5 Oct. 1826. Transferred to 69th N.I. 3 Jan. 1828; to 38th N.I. 28 Jan. 1828; to 31st NI 7 July 1830. Operations against the Chuars in 1832. Fur. s.c. 30 July 1833 till 28 Nov. 1836. Operations against the Kols in 1836-7; D.J.A.G. at Cawnpore 18 Feb. 1842. Gwalior campaign; Maharajpur; Lieut. 31st N.I. (received a Bronze Star). Also involved in the Second Sikh War; Sadulapur; Chilianwala (w.); Gujarat; Capt. 31st N.I. (Medla). Fought against the Kohat Pass Afridis in Feb. 1850; Capt. 31st NI (received a medal). Fur. s.c. 30 Dec. 1856 till retirement. Posted as Lt. Col. to 35th NI Feb 1857; to 60th NI 17 Dec. 1857. [Refs: Burke’s Landed Gentry, 13th edition, p. 265, s.n. Callander, of Ardkinglass, co. Argyll. A.J. NS xix (309)]

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