Ann Baynes Evans

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Ann Baynes
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Wife of Rev Williams Watkin Evans, superintendent of the Lall Bazaar Baptist Church and the Benevolent Institute (a school connected to the Baptist Missionary Society, which in 1841-42 catered to 265 boys and 123 girls) [Ref: Baptist Missionary Magazine, Vol 22, August 1842]. Sister of Rev. Joseph Baynes of Wellington. Aunt of Mr. A H Baynes, Honorary Secretary to the Baptist mission. Both of her sons became ministers, one in Wellington, Somersetshire and another at St. Catherine’s.
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In memory of Anne Baynes Evans The beloved wife of the Rev. W. W. Evans Of the Baptist Missionary Society She arrived in India, November 20th, 1840 And died October 3rd 1843 “She sleeps in Jesus and is bless'd.”
Involved in the Baptist Missionary Society
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Liver abcesses
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Ledger Stone
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Native of Liverpool. Carey’s Oriental Christian Biography maintains that she was baptised at the age of 16. In her early days, she was involved in Sabbath School efforts and promoted the interests of Bible and Tract Societies. When she followed her husband to Calcutta as part of Baptist Missionary efforts, she superintended the female department of the Benevolent Institute as her husband superintended the boys’

Born in Shropshire in 1802, Evans became a teacher at Liverpool at the age of 17 and continued there till he was 35. He married Ann Baynes on 19.05.1828. He then joined the Baptist Missionary Society. He embarked with his wife on a journey to Calcutta on 20.07.1840 on the Jessie Logan, and reached Calcutta on 20.11.1840. He was invited to be pastor of the Lall Bazaar Baptist Church at Calcutta on 10.12.1840 and continued in this duty from 23.12.1840 till he resigned on 10.06.1844. He remained on in Calcutta till a little after the death of his wife and assisted in the vernacular and English work at Cooly Bazaar. After the death of Ann Baynes Evans in 1845, Rev Evans left Calcutta (in December 1845) and sailed for England. Later he acted as Secretary and Superintendent of the Birmingham Town Mission for seven years. He then became Secretary to the Bible Translation Society in 1856 and remained so for seven years. At the age of 65 he married a sister of his widow in Waterloo, who survived him. He died on 16.07.1876 aged 74.
[Ref: Edward Steane Wenger, The Story of the Lall Bazar Baptist Church, Calcutta: Being the History of Carey’s Church from 24th April 1800 to the Present Day, Calcutta: Edinburgh Press, 1908. See also The Baptist Record and Biblical Repository, 1846]

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J. Leslie, Baptist Minister
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