George Chisholm

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73 yrs 10 m 27d
Father of George Wilding Chisholm, brother of Robert Chisholm and Catherine Hutchinson. Father-in-law of Sarah Knight Chisholm (nee Hay).
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Sacred to the memory of George Chisholm an old inhabitant of this city a native of Leith North Britain died on the 28th Feby 1833 Aged 78 yrs 10m 27d As he lived beloved and respected so is his irreparable loss lamented by his afflicted relatives. J LLEWELYN & CO SCTS.
Hotelier and merchant. Owned the Fairlawn Hotel in Calcutta.
Royd Street, Calcutta
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George Chisholm was a hotelier and owned the Fairlawn Hotel. His name also appears in indigo transactions. The Fairlawn Hotel website mentions the date of his death as 1812 and this does not agree with the date in the cemetery records ( Chisholm left large sums of money to his son George Wilding Chisholm, his brother and his daughter-in-law, Sarah Chisholm. George Wilding Chisholm is buried in the Lower Circular Road cemetery. A genealogy researcher claims the following descendants for Chisholm : He also left 15000 sicca rupees to his Indian housekeeper Moti Khanum. The British Library 'Untold Lives' blog describes Chisholm thus:

In August 1848 Charles married Sarah Seton Chisholm, daughter of the late George Wilding Chisholm, a successful Calcutta merchant, and his wife Sarah Knight (née Hay). George Wilding Chisholm was the ‘natural’ or illegitimate son of merchant George Chisholm, a Scot from Leith who had arrived in Calcutta in 1774. George senior died in 1833 and his will included a bequest of 15,000 sicca rupees for his Indian housekeeper. Could his housekeeper have also been the mother of his son?

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Chisholm also left 50,000 sicca rupees for his daughter-in-law. The plaque from his grave has been moved to the South Park Street Cemetery.

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Owner of the Fairlawn Hotel
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Llewelyn & Co. Scts
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