Augustus Gogerly

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4 months
Son of George William Augustus Gogerly and Agnes Letitia Henrietta Gogerly(nee Ferris)
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Augustus, the infant son of<br> G. and A.L.H. Gogerly, died April 22d, 1828,<br> aged 4 months.
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Pedestal / pillar tomb
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Augustus Gogerly was the son of Reverend George William Augustus Gogerly and Mrs. Agnes Letitia Henrietta Ferris Gogerly. Revd. Gogerly initially had the training of a printer. After attending London Missionary Society's Gosport Academy, he was sent to Calcutta. Gogerly was involved in the publication of some of the earliest works of Calcutta School Book Society, as also religious tracts in indigenous languages meant for the local population. Revd. Gogerly and Mrs Gogerly, were also briefly in charge of the schools runs by the London Missionary Society in and around Wellesley Square, Calcutta. Revd. Gogerly received the ordination of the Union Chapel in Calcutta on June, 1828. Gogerly as part of his proselytizing activities studied Hinduism and accumulated an important collection of religious paintings. Gogerly covered a Rathayatra in Puri and published an article on the same in 1847. However, owing to poor health, Gogerly had to return to Britain on 1842. Subsequently he was made the pastor of the Church at Melton Mowbray. In 1871 he published an account of the activities of the London Missionary Society in Bengal. Revd. George Gogerly and his wife, passed away in 1877.

Gogerly's son's grave marked the first boundary of the cemetery.

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Son of Reverend George Gogerly
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Lindeman & Co. Sct
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