Lucy Jane Hughes

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Lucy Jane
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1 087
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5 years
Daughter of John Hughes, proprietor of Veterinary farm, Messrs. Hughes and Templar
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Sacred to the memory of Joseph Wooldridge Eldest & beloved son of John Hughes VS Departed this life 28th July 1844 Deeply and deservedly regretted The Lord who can say unto Him what doest thou ----------------------------- Also of the sisters Lucy Jane Born 16th June 1825 Died on board the ship Andromache 16th Dec 1830 Anna Louisa Born 1st February 1830 Died 23rd February 1830 & Lucy, Died 9th march aged 1 year and 11 months ------------------------------ Also sacred to the memory of John Hughes Vs Died 21st September 1846 Aged 47 years He sleeps in Jesus and is blest -Holmes & Co. Sct.
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At sea- on board of "Andromache"
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Lucy Jane Hughes passed away on board of the ship "Andromache" on her way to Calcutta. She was the eldest daughter of John Hughes. Dr. John Hughes was one of the earliest Veterinary surgeons of the East India Company in India. Dr. Hughes founded a firm, "Messrs. Hughes and Templar", along with fellow surgeon Edward Templar. The Agra and Bengal Gazette notes, the firm was located at 25, Dhurmotollah Street. Dr. Hughes and his firm made extensive study on diseases affecting horses. Dr Hughes wrote on a disease called 'Kumree' (pronounced : Kaam - Ree), which was widely affecting the horses in and around Calcutta was communicated to the editors of 'The Veterinarian,' a Monthly Journal of Veterinary Science, by a certain Mr. Molyneaux in 1830. W.B. O'Shaughnessy, who introduced the therapeutic use of cannabis to Western medicine, mentioned about the successful use of hemp by Hughes & Templar firm in treatment of tetanus in horses.
Dr. Hughes passed away in 1846 at the age of 47 and is buried in the same grave, along with his son and two other daughters.

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Daughter of Dr. John Hughes, Veterinary Surgeon
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Holmes & Co. Sct
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