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Wife of Captain Henry Edwin Page. Mother of Henry Page, the Anglo-India poet.
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In memory of Mrs. Jane Page, relict of Captn. Henry Edwin Page of Monghyr. “Serving the Lord with all humility of mind and with many tears and trials” she continued “stedfast unto the end” and “fell asleep in Christ” July 12, 1847 aged 55 years
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Jane Page was the wife of Captain Henry Edwin Page and mother of Henry Page, the Anglo-Indian poet. Jane Page was born in Calcutta. She was the daughter of Colonel Morgan of East India Company's service and had Indian blood, probably from her mother's side. Jane Page got married to Captain Page in 1812. Captain Henry Edwin Page born in the year 1784-5 in England, he joined the cadet and arrived in India in 1803. After his marriage to Jane Page, Captain Page was briefly posted in Dinapore and served the army during the Anglo-Nepalese war. After the conclusion of the war, Captain Page retired with his family at Monghyr. In Monghyr, the Page family worked hard for the spread of Christianity. They assisted Reverend Chamberlain in establishing the church of Monghyr. The Page family also ran a school for the Church, dedicated for the local children. Captain Page, who was troubled by his ill health for a long period, passed away in 1829.
Jane Page and Captain Page had five children. Among them Charlotte and more particularly Henry came to be known for their poetic talents. Henry Page who was born in 1814, identified himself more as an Indian than British, probably a legacy of his mother's Indian roots. Like the well-known Anglo-Indian poet and teacher, Henry Louis Vivian Derozio, Henry Page's patriotism too found expression through poetry. Some of Henry Page's early works were published along with those of his sister Charlotte, in the memorial volume of their father, Captain Page. Henry Page's well-known work though was "The Land of the Poesy", where he lamented how India is grovelling low due to British conquest and wished for the Derozio’s return to reawaken India’s slumbering spirit. Henry Page passed away an year before his mother in 1846. Jane Page died in Calcutta, on July 12th, 1847.

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Wife of Henry Edwin Page. Mother of Henry Page.
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A. Leslie, Baptist Minister at St. Andrew's Church.
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Serving the Lord with all humility of mind and with many tears and trials- Acts 20:19 Stedfast unto the end- Hebrews 3:14 ell asleep in Christ- Corinthians 15:18
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