David Ewart

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24 Sep 1805
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date of death: 
9 Sep 1860
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54 years
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In Affectionate Remembrance / of the / Reverend David Ewart D.D. / of the Free Church of Scotland Mission / Born Perthshire 24th Sept., / 1805 / Arrived in India Dec.. 1834 / Entered into rest 9th Sept., 1860 / He was a faithful man and / feared God above many Neh VII 2/ Erected by the/ Free Church Congregation as a testimony of their Christian love/ Brown & Co.
Missionary, Teacher. Principal of the General Assembly's Institution(now Scottish Church College). First pastor of the "Bengali Church" or the Free Church of Cornwallis Street (now Duff Church).
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Perth, Scotland
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Perth, Scotland
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Calcutta, India
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pedestal tomb
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Reverend David Ewart, served briefly as the administrative head of the General Assembly's Institution(now Scottish Church College), during the absence of Alexander Duff. Ewart was born at Alyth, in the parish of Perth, Scotland, in 1806. A close friend of Alexander Duff, Ewart was educated at the University of St. Andrews and Theological Hall, Edinburgh. Ewart joined the mission led by his friend Alexander Duff in Calcutta, in 1834. Ewart who was also a regular contributor for the Calcutta Christian Observer, continued as a teacher and administrator of the General Assembly Institution (now Scottish Church College) till 1843. In 1840s a split took place in the Scottish mission. Alexander Duff and his associates broke away from the Presbyterian Church of Scotland and founded the Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland. The Free Church founded a separate Church for the Bengal Christians near Cornwallis Street in 1848. Ewart who was known for his fluency in Bengali was appointed as the first pastor of the Bengali Church (now Duff Church). Lalbehari De was ordained in this Church, in 1855. Ewart passed away on 9th September, 1860 from an attack of Cholera. Ewart wrote the The Memoirs of Mahendralal Basack.

The photo of his tomb provided here is from Alok Ray's 1980 article on the Scottish Cemetery in the Purosri journal published by the Calcutta Corporation. His plaque has been moved to South Park Street Cemetery. A scanned copy of a lithograph made by Colesworthy Grant in displayed below.

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One of the earliest principals of General Assembly's Institution (now Scottish Church College).
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Brown & Co.
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J.C.Herdman, Snr.Minister, St.Andrew's Church
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The epitaph of Reverend David Ewart now can be found within the premises of the South Park Street Cemetery.
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Nehemiah 7:2: He was a faithful man and feared God above many
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