Louisa Bailey

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1832 [?]
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35 yrs 11 m
Wife of Benjamin Bailey and the daughter of Robert Marquis. She was previously the widow of James Peter, a seaman.
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Sacred/ to the memory of/ Louisa/ THE BELOVED WIFE OF/ Mr B. Bailey/ Died 5th November 1848/ Aged 35 years and 11 months/ Them who sleep in Jesus/ Will God Bring with Him/ Also in Memory of/ the following children of Benjamin and Amelia Bailey/ Joseph George/ Died 12th Jan 1855/ Aged 6 months and 6 days/ Hannah Ellen/ Died 6th October 1856/ Aged 28 days/ Also Mr. Benjamin Bailey/ Died 2nd April 1860/ Aged 51 years/ ---
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Free School Street
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Her father was probably the hotel-keeper Benjamin Bailey of Serampore. Benjamin Bailey died of Cholera in 1860. His wife Louisa Bailey is buried in the Scottish Cemetery [See ]. Benjamin Bailey's address at the time of his wedding is given as Free School Street and he married Louisa Peters (nee Marquis) of Jaun Bazar. Bailey was a widower and Peters a widow at the time of their marriage in 1842. He seems to have married Amelia Bailey after Louisa.

Bailey's will lists two surviving children, Benjamin Charles Bailey, residing in Colombo, Ceylon and Elizabeth, residing in England. The auction of his property was entrusted to Mackenzie, Lyall & Co. of the Calcutta Auction Exchange.

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W.H. Meiklejohn, Off.Snr.Minister, St.Andrew's Ch.
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A variation of Thessalonians 1:4
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