William Colville

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Esq. [Esquire]
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Sacred to the memory of / William Colville Esq. / Late of Laws / In the county of Forfar / Who departed this life / At Calcutta / On the 9th September 1848 / Aged 66 years
Merchant at Calcutta, with the firm Colville, Gilmore and Co.
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Laws, Forfarshire, Scotland
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The Angus Council maintains that William Colville "fell victim to an assassin" on the eve of his departure from India, but this cannot be confirmed.
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Box Tomb. Two downward-facing flames signifying the end of life appear on both sides of the epitaph.
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William Colville was a merchant in Calcutta, with the firm Colville, Gilmore and Co. (based at 4, Fairlie Place, Calcutta), in partnership with Allan Gilmore, William Fairlie Gilmore, James Pelham M'Kiligin and Graham More Robertson. [Ref: The Bengal and Agra Annual Guide and Gazetteer http://tinyurl.com/qzdqwvn]. It was one of the many business houses based in Calcutta that failed in the commercial crisis of 1847-48 [Ref: David Morier Evans, The Commercial Crisis, 1847-48, Appendix, Letts, Son and Steer, 1849]

Forfarshire Illustrated mentions that Laws was the seat of William Colville, "a splendid mansion, in the style of the age of Elizabeth". Laws once belonged to the 6th Earl of Angus and consequently several other illustrious houses of Scotland. It was eventually sold to Thomas Colville in 1837, who built the mansion William Colville resided in. This mansion was demolished in the 1960s. [Ref: Forfarshire Illustrated, 1843 http://tinyurl.com/qxfdkzd]

The Dundee Advertiser 24th November, 1862 states that Colville went bankrupt in Calcutta and his firm was closed down.

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W H Meiklejohn, Officiating Senior Minister, St. Andrew's Church.
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