Mary Penney

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Wife of Rev. James Penney; Daughter of J. and M. Downing.
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In Memory of Mary Penney,/ who departed this life Dec. 24th, 1829,/ aged 42 years./ She was a sincere and devoted Christian,/ an affectionate and prudent wife,/ an amiable and faithful friend; her life was/ useful, and her death happy./ Also sacred to the Memory of the Rev. J. Penney,/ who was for the space of twenty-two years/ the able, diligent, and successful teacher of the/ Benevolent Institution./ He was bom in London on the 1st Feb. 1792 ;/ arrived in India on the 1st Feb. 1817 ;/ was arrested by the hand of death/ 1st of Feb. 18.39; and after a struggle of only/ a few hours, fell asleep in Jesus./ “ How many fall as sudden, not as safe.* *—Young./ 44 The Memory of the just is blessed/’—Prov. x. vii.
Missionary; teacher
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Cannon Street, Birmingham
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Mary Penney accompanied Rev. James Penney to India, having married him in 1816. She is reported to have been suffering from pleurisy because of which the family visited Saugor. However, after recovering and resuming her work at the Sabbath School, the entire family was stricken with fever. Although Mr Penney was able to recover, his wife did not. Her last days were spent meeting Rev. Pearce, Yates and Carey.

For a detailed note on her husband see [James Penney]

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The Memory of the just is blessed’—Proverbs x. vii.
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