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Charles John
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taken from To the Memory of th Rev Charles Piffard who for 15 years laboured gratuitously in Bengal as a Missionary of the London Missionary Society He died on the llth December 1840 asred 42 years He was a good man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost His exemplary piety especially manifested in his humility catholicity benevolence and untiring zeal in the cause of Christ secured for him the love and esteem of Christians of all denominations who have united in erecting this Tablet as an expression of their affection for one who consecrated his life and property to the best interests of his fellow men Mr Piffard was 12 years co pastor of the Native Churches at Rammakal Choke and Gunirree His tender and faithful manner in which he discharged the duties of his office gained for him the respect of the heathen the confidence of his brethren in the Mission and the affection of all the members of his charge A beloved brother and a faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord Col iv 7
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The Bengal Obituary mentions the following about Charles Piffard:

Through the political events of the period Charles Piffard in his youth was compelled to reside with his family in France for many years on the return of peace he returned to England and entered his father's counting house One Sabbath day excited by curiosity he entered the Rev J Yockney's church Islington i he was led to perceive that there was more in religion than he had up to that time been apt to suppose and retired in a thoughtful mood the next day he procured a Bible and it was not long ere the word of God produced its effects he was led to embrace the Saviour in faith and had pardon and peace imparted to his soul through the blood of the cross He became zealous for the Lord and to advance his glof was the most anxious desire of his heart He gave a proof of it when he devoted himself to the work of a Missionary at a time when the sacred office was far from being popular and when he had the fairest prospects at home He went through his theological studies in Glasgow University and at the Missionary College at Gosport For upwards of 15 years he laboured among the heathen in various ways and by various means and not without success Trusting upon the Lor I for his blessing he undertook all that God gave him an opportunity to undertake he established and superintended schools wrote and translated and distributed tracts and as a preacher in the native language he was one of the ablest most zealous active and persevering Missionaries that ever came to India Mr Piffard never drew any stipend from the Missionary Society but supported himself from his own means which were ample and with which besides he did much good whenever an opportunity offered His remains were interred in the Scotch Burial Ground A marble tablet is placed to his Memory in the Union Chapel. The inscription is provided above.

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Colossians 4: 7
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